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May 28, 2019

Rob Smith quoted in Politico's Prescription Pulse

"The first major opioid trial starts today" by Sarah Owermohle and Sarah Karlin-Smith

Rob Smith was quoted in Politico's Prescription Pulse on May 28, 2019. 

The article reads:

The Community Oncology Alliance is pushing an alternative on Capitol Hill that would replace the current average sales price plus six percent reimbursement rate for Part B drugs with a tiered system. Providers would get a higher percentage add-on for lower-cost drugs, and a lower percentage add-on for higher-cost drugs, Rob Smith of Capital Alpha Partners wrote in a note to clients.


Although the community oncologists carry a lot of weight on the Hill, Smith writes, he doesn’t think its proposal would serve as a complete alternative to the IPI structure, since it doesn’t directly address drug prices, take on Trump’s concerns regarding higher U.S. prices or inject more competition and negotiation into Part B.

The full article: