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July 2, 2019

Ian Katz quoted in Politico's Morning Money

"Morning Money: Red alert time for Biden" by Ben White and Aubree Eliza Weaver

Ian Katz was quoted in Morning Money on July 2nd, 2019. 

The article reads:

WHY WALL STREET DOESN’T REGISTER — Cap Alpha’s Ian Katz on why slamming banks doesn’t register in the Democratic primary: “Student debt and Bernie Sanders’ financial transactions tax proposal will produce headlines during the campaign. But for the most part, Wall Street, banks and financials won’t be top of mind for the candidates — unless the economy worsens significantly.

“The Dems feel like they have better issues to stir up — immigration, justice, Russia, race relations and President Trump himself. From the entire group of candidates, probably only … Warren is comfortable talking specifics about financial services policy. Sanders will make sweeping statements about the evils of Wall Street, but won’t go much deeper.”

Full article:

March 8, 2017

Ian Katz quoted in Politico's Morning Money

"Wall Street's big bucks in 2016" by Ben White and Mary Lee

Financials analyst Ian Katz was quoted in Ben White and Mary Lee's March 8, 2017 edition of Morning Money. 

White and Lee write:

THE COSTS OF SLOW-WALKING APPOINTMENTS – Cap Alpha's Ian Katz: "The longer it takes to fill positions such as vice chair for supervision and deputy Treasury secretary, the slower the process to tweak Dodd-Frank or financial regulations. For example, the vice chair could begin working on ways to ease the Volcker rule or address banks' grievances with stress tests and living wills. ...

"On the Treasury front, officials like deputy secretary, and the undersecretaries and assistant secretaries, can help push the administration's agenda. Under Tim Geithner, Deputy Treasury Secretary Neal Wolin and Michael Barr, assistant secretary for financial institutions, were instrumental in cajoling lawmakers on Dodd-Frank. Trump administration officials in those positions could, ironically, be crucial in pressing for a weakening of Dodd-Frank"


February 6, 2017

Ian Katz quoted in Politico's Morning Money

"Politico Morning Money - 02/06/2017" by Ben White and Mary Lee

Financials analyst Ian Katz was quoted in February 6th's edition of Politico's daily email, "Morning Money.

Ben White and Mary Lee write:

NOT A BIG WIN FOR FSOC – Cap Alpha's Ian Katz: "Some interpreted the order as empowering the FSOC. In fact, it says the Treasury secretary will consult with 'the heads of the member agencies' of the FSOC and report to the president within 120 days. So the agency heads are only being consulted. It's the Treasury secretary (presumably Steven Mnuchin) who decides what to report to the president. It doesn't say the FSOC needs to vote on or approve anything.