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May 2, 2019

Ian Katz quoted in Bloomberg and WSJ on Trump's Fed Nominations

Bloomberg's "Trump's 0-for-4 Streak on Fed Choices Raises Concern on Vetting" and WSJ's "GOP Senators Voice Concern Over Stephen Moore at the Fed"


Ian Katz was quoted in Bloomberg article, "Trump's 0-for-4 Streak on Fed Choices Raises Concern on Vetting" written by Justin Sink, Saleha Mohsin, Steven T Dennis, and Jennifer Jacobs.

The article reads:

Ian Katz, an analyst at Capital Alpha Partners LLC, a Washington policy research firm, said he expected the White House to return to similar candidates.

“I do think they go back a little more toward the technocrats,” he said. “But, more importantly, they consult with GOP senators to make sure that they are not putting them in an awkward position. And they vet them.’’

He was also quoted in Kristina Peterson and Paul Kiernan's WSJ article, "GOP Senators Voice Concern Over Stephen Moore at the Fed."

The article reads: 

The candidacies of Messrs. Cain and Moore, both strong Trump political supporters, have revealed notable congressional opposition to making the Fed more partisan, said Ian Katz, a financial policy analyst at Capital Alpha Partners in a note to clients earlier this week.

“However this turns out, we can already declare a couple of winners from this process,” he said. Among those winners are Fed traditionalists “who have been afraid that openly partisan candidates could join the board.”

Both Messrs. Cain and Moore also faced skepticism because they pivoted from favoring much less stimulus for the economy when it was weaker earlier this decade and a Democrat was president to favoring more stimulus now, when the economy is stronger and a Republican is president.

Mr. Trump has signaled his unhappiness in recent months at his selection last year of Fed Chairman Jerome Powell to lead the central bank. “But the Cain-Moore episode shows that it won’t be easy for the president to make the Fed more Trump-friendly,” said Mr. Katz.