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August 11, 2017

Byron Callan quoted in Reuters

"Pentagon's empty posts cause uncertainty for defense contractors" by Mike Stone

August 4, 2017

DC Catalysts and Events

Week of August 7-11

August 1, 2017

Chuck Gabriel featured on Bloomberg Surveillance

"Trumps Stands to Learn GOP Lessons in Budget Process"

July 14, 2017

President Chuck Gabriel quoted in USA Today

"JP Morgan CEO Dimon: 'stupid' political dysfunction poses risks for banks, Americans" by Roger Yu and Kevin McCoy

July 13, 2017

Capital Alpha's Health Care analysts quoted in Kaiser Health News and Reuters

"Whichever Way 'Repeal and Replace' Blows, Pharma Is Due For Windfall" by Emily Kopp; "Medicare escapes mandatory cuts in 2017, trustees report" by Toni Clarke

July 10, 2017

Kim Monk quoted in Employee Benefit News

"How an ACA 'repeal now, replace later' strategy could benefit employers" by Victoria Finkle

July 7, 2017

Ian Katz quoted in The Washington Post

"The Finance 202: Health care push has sweeping economic consequences" by Tory Newmyer

June 29, 2017

Ian Katz quoted in BloombergMarkets

"Banks Unleash Surprisingly Big Payouts After Fed's Stress Tests" by Yalman Onaran, Dakin Campbell and Jennifer Surane

June 24, 2017

Byron Callan quoted in The Washington Post

"Defense firms see more disappointment with Trump's budget" by Aaron Gregg

June 22, 2017

Kim Monk quoted in USA TODAY

"Health care stocks soar on Senate reform bill" by Adam Shell

June 22, 2017

Capital Alpha's healthcare team quoted in Vox

"What the health insurance industry gets out of the Senate health care bill" by Dylan Scott

June 21, 2017

James Lucier quoted in Financial Times

"Paul Ryan pushes 'transformational' tax overhaul" by Barney Jopson

June 19, 2017

Defense analyst Byron Callan quoted in Washington Examiner

"Mega stakes as defense companies face deadline on Air Force trainer bid" by Travis J. Tritten

June 13, 2017

Ian Katz quoted in Financial Times

"US Treasury department seeks to revamp Obama-era regulations" by Ben McLannahan and Sam Fleming

June 2, 2017

Defense analyst Byron Callan quoted in National Defense

"Promised Military Buildup Yet to Begin" by Jon Harper 

June 2, 2017

Jim Lucier quoted in U.S. News

"Au Revoir, Paris Agreement: President Trump was right to pull the U.S. out of a bad deal." by Peter Roff

June 2, 2017

Ian Katz quoted in Bloomberg Government

"Powell Leads Fed to More Bank-Friendly Approach: Capital Alpha" by Felice Maranz 

May 24, 2017

Capital Alpha's Financials Team quoted in Bloomberg Markets, Reuters, The Market Digest, Politico Morning Money

"Broker Stocks Drop After Labor Secretary Say Fiduciary Rule Will Take Effect June 9" by Sebastian Silva and Felice Maranz; "U.S. financial council reimagined as boon, not bane, for Wall Street" by Pete Schroeder and Lisa Lambert; "Financial Council of United States Seeks to Lighten Regulatory Burden, Fortunate Thing for Wall Street" by Alan Davis; "Morning Money: Summers on Mulvaney" by Ben White and Aubree Eliza Weaver

May 19, 2017

Defense analyst Byron Callan quoted in Inside Defense

"Trump's FY-18 budget numbers leaked" by Tony Bertuca

May 10, 2017

Jim Lucier quoted in E&E News

"Industry lawyer seen as Trump's likely next pick" by Hannah Northey

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