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February 12, 2015

Spotlight Call: Banking and Financials Review

Thursday, February 12th at 11:00 AM EST 

Please join Capital Alpha’s Chuck Gabriel and Joseph Engelhard this Thursday, February 12th at 11:00 AM EST  for a discussion as they summarize high-level policy concerns for the following financial sub-sectors:

  • Banking: Prospects for large versus regional banks in terms of legislative, regulatory and legal risk; Dodd-Frank era shifts from negative-surprise implementation phase to relief efforts in more conservative Congress.
  • Payments/Consumer Finance: Residual litigation risk for V/MA; regulators eye move to mobile; expected CFPB action on prepaids, payday loans, auto finance.
  • Insurance: A rare combination of policy ferment at the federal and international level is likely to change the fundamental policy framework for the largest insurers and will likely impact state regulation as well.
  • Mortgages/Housing: Credit box opening with FHFA/FHA; GOP pushback and backdrop for legislated GSE reform; look ahead for MIs, nonbank servicers; renewed household formation finally to boost builders?
  • Exchanges: Enforcement, supervisory and regulatory trends continue to support our thesis that more trading will shift to lit exchanges.
  • Student Loans: Refi and bankruptcy reform legislation pose minor risks; HEA reauthorization; servicing issues; IRS debt collection.