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June 22, 2017

Kim Monk quoted in USA TODAY

"Health care stocks soar on Senate reform bill" by Adam Shell

Health care analyst Kim Monk was quoted in Adam Shell's USA TODAY article, entitled "Health care stocks soar on Senate reform bill."

Shell writes:

* Health insurers. The more gradual phase out of Medicaid expansion, which helps insurers with sizable Medicaid membership, as well as steps to shore up individual exchanges, should benefit insurers. “Health insurer stocks are up because there are near- and long-term market stabilization measures,” says Kim Monk, managing director of Capital Alpha Partners. “From a big picture perspective, the individual market is pretty much lost for big insurers. (So) even though repeal and replace of Obamacare casts near-term uncertainty, the Republican brand of reform is positive because it means there could be a viable individual market in the future.”