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June 21, 2017

James Lucier quoted in Financial Times

"Paul Ryan pushes 'transformational' tax overhaul" by Barney Jopson

Tax/Budget analyst and Managing Director James Lucier was quoted in Barney Jopson's Financial Times article, "Paul Ryan pushes 'transformational' tax overhaul". 

Jopson writes: 

James Lucier, managing director of Capital Alpha, a policy research group, said Mr Ryan was seeking to fill a void on tax as the "beginning of the end" on healthcare reform approached. 

"One of the big problems we have had to date is there has been zero from the White House of substance on tax reform and Paul Ryan has said basically zero," he said. "All the bandwidth has been consumed by healthcare and distracting scandals on the side. As a result the Republican party is scattered to the wind."