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January 24, 2017

Financials analyst Ian Katz quoted in American Banker

"Possible Fed vice chair pick has long history with finreg" by John Heltman

Ian Katz was quoted in John Heltman's American Banker article, entitled "Possible Fed vice chair pick has long history with finreg". 

Heltman writes:

Ian Katz, director of the financial research firm Capital Alpha Partners, said in a research note that Nason's role during the crisis is critical to understanding what his approach would be toward regulation – based not on airy ideals of how things ought to be, but on the hard experience of what can happen when the best-laid plans go wrong.

"For folks who were on the front lines at Treasury and the Fed during the crisis, it was all about survival and pragmatism. Ideology took a way-back seat," Katz said. "The crisis is seared into their memories. They know the stakes of the decisions they make. So for anyone concerned about whether there's sufficient adult supervision in Trumpworld, Nason definitely isn't one to worry about."