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April 28, 2017

DC Catalysts and Events

Week of May 1-5


Mon-Tues: U.S. Chamber of Commerce China Business Conference

Fri @ MidnightGovernment funding will be set to expire (again)


Mon: Independent Community Bankers of America hosts its Capital Summit

Tues-Wed: FOMC meeting

Tues @ 10am: Senate Banking hearing on US-EU covered agreements

Wed-Fri: Investment Company Institute’s annual meeting

Wed @ 11am: Brookings discussion on financial stability

Fri @ 11am: The Economic Club of Washington, D.C. holds a discussion with NASDAQ CEO Adena Friedman


Mon: Initial rate filing deadline for 2018 ACA exchange participation in CA, CT, MD and OR

Tues @ 10am: Energy & Commerce Health subcommittee hearing on 4 bills aimed to improve the regulation of medical technologies

Wed @ 8:30am: FDA Generic Drug Research public workshop; seeking input from stakeholders on generics research priorities for 2018 science initiatives

All week: Potential House vote on ACA repeal and replace bill


Tues @ 11amCSIS event on Congress and the Navy

Wed @ 10:30am: SAC-D hearing on defense research and innovation

Wed @ 3:30pm: HASC hearing on Littoral Combat Ship/Frigate programs

Thurs @ 9:30amGen. Miley, Army Chief of Staff at Atlantic Council event


All May (Tuesdays and Fridays): Potential D.C. Circuit decisions on DISH DE Discount appeal and FCC net neutrality re-hearing

Wed @ 10am: Senate Commerce hearing on broadband infrastructure


Tues @ 9:30am: House Transportation and Infrastructure hearing on airline customer service

Wed @ 10am: Senate Environment & Public Works hearing on “Infrastructure Project Streamlining and Efficiency”

Wed @ 10am: House Transportation and Infrastructure hearing on maritime transportation regulatory issues

Wed @ 10:30am: House Appropriations hearing on energy and water development

Thurs @ 10:30amSenate Commerce hearing on air travel


All week: Looking for D.C. Circuit rulings on PJM Capacity Performance rules, LNG environmental analysis

All week: Looking for Trump administration to formally announce FERC nominees

Mon & Tues all day: FERC holds two-day technical conference on state policies and organized power markets

Tues all dayBidders in the Massachusetts hydroelectric/clean energy procurement process will submit notices of intent to bid

Wed @ 10am: House Energy Subcommittee will hold hearing on energy and hydropower infrastructure legislation

Wed @ 10am: Senate EPW holds hearing on infrastructure permitting streamlining

Fri @ 9:30am: PJM will hold bi-weekly capacity market and public policy task force meeting