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May 19, 2017

DC Catalysts and Events

Week of May 22-26


TuesTrump releases full budget for FY18


Mon @ 7pm: Fed Governor Brainard speaks at Inclusive Growth Institute conference

Tues @ 11am: AEI discussion with HFSC Chair Hensarling

Tues @ 12pm: FHFA Director Watt speaks at the FHLBanks Directors Conference

Tues @ 12:15pm: FDIC Vice Chair Hoenig speaks at PIIE book launch

Wed @ 10:30am: FDIC first quarter banking earnings announced

Thurs @ 10am: White House official Calabria speaks on financial regulation

Thurs @ 10am: Senate Finance hearing on “FY 18 Budget Proposals for the Department of Treasury and Tax Reform”


Early week: Expected release of updated CBO score for House-passed AHCA

Mon: House and Trump administration owe Appeals Court status update for House v. Price, the cost-sharing reduction payments lawsuit

Tues @ 10am: Energy & Commerce oversight hearing on Zika

Thurs @ 10amHouse Appropriations FDA budget hearing

Thurs: FDA Oncologic Drugs Advisory committee meets to discuss Hospira’s anemia biologic, a proposed biosimilar to Amgen's Epogen/Procrit


Mon @ 11am BST: RUSI event on “Pre-election Defence Debate” (London)

Mon @ 11am: HASC Chairman Mac Thornberry at Brookings event

Tues @ 9:30am: SASC hearing on worldwide threats

Wed @ 9:30am: SASC hearing on naval shipbuilding industrial base

Tues @ 3:30pm: HASC hearing on Cyber Command FY18 budget request

Wed @ 10:30am: SAC-D hearing on FY18 budget request for Navy and Marine Corps

Wed @ 11am: CSIS event on Russian military modernization

Wed @ 2pm: HASC hearing on Navy seapower/projection forces in FY18 budget request

Wed @ 3pm: House Appropriations hearing on DHS FY18 budget request.

Wed @ 3:30pm: HASC hearing on ground force modernization budget request

Thurs @ 8am:  HASC hearing on Air Force FY18 request for projection forces

Thurs @ 9:30am: SASC hearing on FY18 Army request.


All May (Tuesdays and Fridays): Potential D.C. Circuit decision on DISH DE Discount appeal

Tues @ 11:30am: Hudson Institute event featuring House Communications Subcommittee Chairwoman Marsha Blackburn on rural broadband deployment


All May (Tuesdays and Fridays)Potential D.C. Circuit decision on PJM capacity performance challenge

All May: Potential 2nd Circuit decision on Constitution pipeline litigation

Mon @ 11am: Northern District of Illinois court holds second hearing in case reviewing IL nuclear power support program

Tues all dayPJM posts results of its annual capacity auction

Thurs @ 10am: Senate Energy Committee holds hearing on FERC nominees


Mon @ 10am: Bipartisan Policy Center event on “International Competitiveness and the Auto Industry: What’s the Role of Motor Vehicle Emission Standards?

Tues @ 2pm: House Homeland Security hearing on “Visa Overstays”

Wed @ 10:30am: House Appropriations hearing on Army Corps of Engineers FY18 budget request