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September 22, 2017

DC Catalysts and Events

Week of September 25-29


Mon @ 10am: Brookings event on “Understanding Congress.”

Tues-Thurs: Washington Ideas Conference hosted by Aspen Institute and Atlantic

Sat (Sept. 30): Deadline for Senate Republicans to use FY17 budget reconciliation instructions for health care


Early week: Expected CBO score and parliamentarian ruling on Graham-Cassidy

Mid to late week: Possible Graham-Cassidy floor action

Mon @ 9am: CMS Advisory Panel on Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory Tests

Mon @ 2pm: Senate Finance hearing to consider Graham-Cassidy ACA repeal bill

Mon @ 9pm: CNN town hall health care debate ft. Sens. Graham, Cassidy, Sanders and Klobuchar

Wed: Last day for insurers to drop participation in 2018 ACA federal exchanges

Thurs: FDA Peripheral and Central Nervous System Drugs Advisory Committee meeting



Mon @ 10am: Regional Bank Coalition discussion on post-crisis regulations and the economy

Tues @ 10am: Senate Banking hearing on SEC oversight

Wed @ 12:30pm: House Agriculture hearing on the CFTC

Thurs @ 3:30pm: CFPB holds an open meeting


Mon @ 4pm: CSIS event on situation on Korean Peninsula

Tues @ 10am: SASC hearing on Gen. Dunford reappointment

Wed @ 8:30am: Palo Alto Networks investor day (New York City)

Wed @ 10am: Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing on threats to the homeland

Wed @ 2pm: HASC hearing on Army tactical networks

Thurs @ 10am: Heritage Foundation event on “Assessing the Defense Industrial Base”

Fri @ 2pm: CSIS event on federal cyber defenses


Mon:  Department of Commerce ruling on Boeing v. Bombardier

Sat-Wed: NAFTA round 3 negotiations in Ottawa


All week: Judge Boasberg may rule on DAPL

Mon @ 12pm: ACUS: How Europe and Iran’s Neighbors View the Nuclear Deal

Tues @ 10am: House E&C: Powering America -- Technology’s Role in Empowering Consumers

Fri @ 10am: ACUS: The New Russia Sanctions Law -- What it Does and How to Make It Work


All month: Expected approval of AT&T/Time Warner Inc. merger

Tues @ 10:30am: FCC monthly open meeting

Wed @ 2pm: House hearing on cybersecurity of the Internet of Things

Fri: FirstNet deadline for AT&T to release final state-level radio access network plans