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May 20, 2019

DC Catalysts and Events

May 20 - 24

Mon @ 9pm: Trump rally in Pennsylvania
Wed @ 2:30pm: FOMC minutes released
Fri @ 1pm: Trump leaves for Japan

Tues-Wed: American Bankers Assoc. Holds its Payments Forum
Tues @ 10am: Senate Banking hearing on shell companies
Tues @ 10am: HUD’s Carson testifies before House Financial Services
Wed @ 10am: Treasury’s Mnuchin testifies before House Financial Services
Wed @ 2pm: FOMC issues minutes from its April 30-May 1 meeting
Thurs @ 12pm: National Economists Club event on pot banking

Tues: Optional Early Bird QHP App submission deadline 
Tues @ 10:30am: House E&C subcommittee hearing on drug pricing transparency
Tues @ 1pm: KFF webinar: “Making Sense of Medicare-For-All” 
Tues @ 2pm: House W&M hearing on protecting patients from surprise medical bills 
Tues @ 3pm: Short-Term Plans Lawsuit hearing - fed. DC District Court Judge Richard Leon
Wed @ 9:30am: Senate Special Cmte on Aging hearing on Qualify of Life Technology
Wed @ 10am: House Budget Committee hearing on single-payer systems
Thurs @ 10am: House Natural Resource Cmte hearing “The Insular Areas Medicaid Cliff”
Fri: 2019 QHP Enrollee survey data submission deadline 

Tues @ 9:30amNew America launches Digital Accountability Index
Tues @ 10am: Senate Judiciary hearing on Persuasive Marketing in Tech
Thurs @ 4pm: CCIA Conference on Transatlantic Digital Relations
Wed @ 2pm: Brookings event on algorithmic bias

Tues: Royal Dutch Shell hosts Annual General Meeting
Tues: BP hosts Annual General Meeting
Tues @ 10am: Senate ENR hearing on renewable energy and energy efficiency
Tues-Thurs: Canada Gas & LNG Exhibition and Conference
Wed @ 10am: US Energy Assoc briefing, South Africa's Energy Storage Program
Thurs: Royal Dutch Shell hosts Shareholder Presentation

Tues @ 3:30pm: Carnegie Endowment event on Venezuela as U.S.-Russia Proxy
Fri @ 10am: CSIS event on China-Russian relations