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March 24, 2017

DC Catalysts and Events

Week of March 27-31


Wed @ 2:30pm: Brookings event on “Fiscal Politics” with Deputy Director -- IMF Fiscal Affairs


Mon @ 8:30am: Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board meeting

Tues @ 10am: FDIC meeting on community banking

Tues @ 9:30am: Senate Banking hearing on “Fostering Economic Growth: The Role of Financial Companies”

Tues @ 10am: House Financial Services hearing on SIFI designations

Tues @ 2pm: House Financial Services hearing on “The State of Bank Lending in America”

Wed @ 10am: House Financial Services hearing on the Volcker Rule

Thurs: US Chamber of Commerce Capital Markets Summit on “Financing American Business”

Thurs @ 11am: CFTC meeting

Thurs @ 12pm: National Economists Club lunch with Fed Director of Monetary Affairs

Thurs @ 3:15pm: CFPB meeting of the Credit Union Advisory Council


Tues @ 10:15am: House E&C Health subcommittee hearing on FDA Medical Device User Fees program

Wed @ 8am: FDA Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee meets to discuss biologics application for Genentech’s injectable lymphoma drug

Wed @ 9:30am: House Oversight & Gov Reform full committee hearing on federally funded cancer research

Wed @ 10am: House Appropriations hearing on HHS budget; Sec. Price will testify

Wed @ 2:30pm: Senate Special Aging committee hearing on Alzheimer's

All next week: Looking for signals from Majority Leader McConnell on Senate’s plans for health care reform following Easter recess


Tues @ 9:30AFA event with William Roper, Director of DoD’s Strategic Capabilities Office

Tues @ 10am: HASC hearing on “Military Assessment of Russian Activities and Security Challenges in Europe”

Tues @ 4pm: Atlantic Council event on Russian Military in Ukraine and Syria

Wed-Thurs: Booz Allen/CSBA Directed Energy Summit

Wed @ 3:30pm: SASC hearing on “Air Force Modernization”

Wed @ 3:30pmHASC hearing on “Naval Strike Fighters”

Thurs all day: Billington Cybersecurity Summit


Mon-Wed all day: FAA UAS Symposium

Tues @ 9am: Brookings event on water regulation, sustainability and geopolitics

Tues @ 10am: Senate Energy and Natural Resources Comm. hearing on U.S. dependence on foreign sources of materials

Tues @ 2:15pm: Senate Energy and Natural Resources Comm hearing on Electric Grid Threats

Wed @ 8am: “Infrastructure Modernization: A US-Canada Conversation”


All March (Tuesdays and Fridays): Potential D.C. Circuit decisions on DISH DE Discount appeal and FCC net neutrality re-hearing

Tues @ 10am: House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing on self-driving cars

Thurs: Release of tentative agenda for April 20 FCC open meeting


Mon @ 10am: PJM holds task force meeting considering capacity market design changes to accommodate state policies

Tues all day: Trump administration could release climate executive order

Weds @ 11amOral arguments over motions to dismiss complaint against NY’s ZEC program in the Southern District of New York