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February 21, 2019

Byron Callan featured in Politico's Morning Defense

"Industry Intel: About the F-21" 

Byron Callan was quoted in David Brian's February 21st, Morning Defense coverage on 'Industry Intel' about the F-21. 

The article reads:

ABOUT THE F-21: On Wednesday, reports surfaced that Lockheed Martin had offered a fighter jet called the F-21 to India, to be manufactured in that country in partnership with Tata. Byron Callan of Capital Alpha Partners had this to say in a note to investors:

“The F-21 is effectively the F-16V. The rebranding might help as one of the long-standing issues with an F-16 offering is that Pakistan operates older versions of the F-16 and India may want a different aircraft. India remains a strategically important campaign as the winner will manufacture aircraft in India. That could provide a price advantage in further global competitions.”